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・The quantity is limited to 3 pieces per person. Any quantity exceeding the limit will be cancelled.

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★Reserved product★
※Scheduled for June 2024


【Reservation period】
January 27, 2023 to March 26, 2023

【Product name】
Rasetsu Hime - Saki -



Publisher: Inbina Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Tokyo Figure Co., Ltd.


【Product specifications】

Complete painted PVC & ABS figure

Dedicated pedestal included

・Reproduction of the wearing and removal of parts is possible by replacement parts.

・Can reproduce the state of holding the sword by replacing some parts

・Dedicated acrylic pedestal included


【Size (including pedestal)】

Height: approx. 345mm (including the base to the top of the head)

Width: Approx. 280mm (from the tip of the scabbard to the tip of the scabbard)

   Width: approx. 435mm when drawn (from the tip of the sword to the side of the left hand)

Pedestal: circular 160mm


【Prototype production】

Production cooperation: CREAME Co., Ltd.



Itsutsuru Akechi (Taishodo)


Finally, Inbina is moving into action, the first handsome character is an original character by Ms. Asanagi, Princess Rasetsu - Saki -. We have been waiting for a long time since the announcement.

The genius and powerful tag team of Asanagi-sensei and prototype creator LESLyzerosix have come up with the most erotic and coolest figure ever! The limited edition comes with a luxurious acrylic plate base. The sword can be partially replaced to recreate the state of being drawn, and of course, the outfit can of course be put on or taken off by replacing the sword. All of the parts have been carefully designed by Asanagi-sensei! The attention to detail of Asanagi-sensei is evident in every part of the figure! This is also a great volume...

Limited editions are available at a slightly more affordable price.

Please enjoy the "various" hands-on activities at hand♡


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