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★Reserved product★
※December 2023 to be determined


【Reservation period】
May 12, 2023 to June18, 2023

【Product name】
APEX Azur Lane Azur Lane Shokaku Cranes Dancing with the Wind Ver.

Height approx. 28cm (including pedestal)

Prototyping: BxxKoTri
Prototype Supervision: Meow
Color: 180m/h

【Product Specifications.】
From Yostar's popular app game "Azur Lane" comes a figure of Shoukaku in the dress-up outfit "Wind and Flying Crane Ver."!
Shoukaku's hair flutters in the gentle breeze, and she stands on the surface of the water with autumn leaves in her hands. The dress that accentuates her soft body line is made of clear parts to create a transparent beauty.
The eye-catching snow-covered skin has been painted with special paint to give it a human-like texture! She also comes with a replaceable facial expression with a different look in her eyes!
We hope you will enjoy Shoukaku with the elegance of the "crane" in your hand!

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