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Silent Hill 2/ Red Pyramid Thing 1/6 Action Figure






1/6 scale Action Figure



Height: Approxinately 36.5cm


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More than 20 years after its release, "Silent Hill 2," the milestone horror game, still has a devoted fan base. The Red Pyramid Thing, which became one of the most impressive and horror icons in the production. Iconiq Studio is pleased to announce the release of the figure in 1/6 scale action figure form. The body balance is similar to that of the main character, James, in accordance with the visuals in the game. Due to the existence of subsequent works, the muscular image is ahead, and we are capturing the appearance in the "Silent Hill 2" play. The seamless body and fabric material costume achieve both beauty of modeling and movable performance. In addition to the machete often wielded in the play, a large spear used in the final stages of the story is included to recreate the moment of suicide. The base, decorated with the wire mesh of the underworld, is a simple yet fitting choice for the character and situation. Now that it is no longer so rare to see a three-dimensional figure from the "Silent Hill" series, this is an ambitious item that once again tackles the reproduction of the in-game visuals and shows a thorough attention to detail that does not compromise the modeling.

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