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★Reserved product★
※October 2023 to be determined


【Reservation period】
March 15, 2023 to May 7, 2023

【Product name】

To Love-Ru Darkness Haruna Sairenji Barefoot Bunny Ver.



Approximately 26cm


【Prototype Production】

Prototype production: ZZ Zero


【Product Specifications】

From the popular "To LOVE-Ru: Toraburu Darkness" comes a 1/4th scale figure of Haruna Sairenji as a bunny with bare legs.
The 1/4 scale figure is still in the same big size, but now she has been sculpted as a barefoot bunny, which makes her even more attractive.
Enjoy her slender and beautiful legs.


(c)Kentaro Yabuki, Saki Hasemi/Shueisha, Toraburu Darkness Production Committee


※ The image is of a prototype. It may differ from the actual product.

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