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CCP Middle Size Series [The 78th] Godzilla (1954 Great

Height: Approximately 12cm

From the action rhythm game "Muse Dash
Popular character Maria appears as a maid!


The "Middle Size Series" has been re-launched!
Based on the concept of "an old-school, new-school, yet slightly old-fashioned sofubi monster series", the "Middle Size Series" (Vol. 5), which has been sculpting deformed designs of numerous monsters, is now available in a new color scheme!

The series is about 12 cm in height and fits in the palm of your hand for easy collection. It is a collection series for sofubi and monster lovers, with a retro-style deformation that gives a nostalgic and somewhat "Showa-retro" feel to the series.

Godzilla (1954) "Great
Red molding and dark green spray.
The vivid yet somewhat old-fashioned coloring pays tribute to retro sofubi figures sold in the past.
We hope you will experience the nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa period, which is the theme of this series, through this coloring.
More colors and models are scheduled to be released in the future!
We hope you will try to line up the color of your choice!

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