[Pre-ordine] WINGS Inc. Penelope Salty versione Maid


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※Scheduled to ship in September 2023

【Booking Period】
November 17, 2022 - December 27, 2022

【Product Name】
Penelope Salty : Maid Ver.

WINGS inc.


Azur Lane 1/7 scale Figure & Statue

Painted PVC & ABS complete figure


Height: Approximately 23cm


"Welcome. as you said, I am working as a maid here now...umm, call me only when you need something."

From the popular smartphone game "Azur Lane" comes a 1/7th scale figure of the popular character "Penelope"!

Please welcome Penelope, who is dressed in a black-and-white maid's outfit and bows to the captains by picking up her skirt in a cute gesture.

"Welcome back, master. Are you tired?"

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