Tsubame Toy Marumi &木芥子 虎鯨的深海彩虹 軟膠 虎鯨節



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【Product name】

Tsubame Toy Marumi-chan & Kokeshi Nanoka-chan Ocean rainbow color Sofubi / Sofvi Shachi-fest.


Tsubame Toy


Multicolor Soft Vinyl FigureNon-scale


Height about 75-100mm


Marumi-chan height: about 100mm
Kokeshi Nanoka-chan Height: about 75mm



・Each of them are painted by hands, they will not be the same as pictures.

・Please note that during times of heavy access, you may be able to purchase an item even if it is not in stock, depending on the payment method. Please note that we may cancel your order if there is no inventory even after payment has been completed.

・Orders suspected of being fraudulent will be cancelled. Please refrain from using credit cards that are not in your name.

・Please refrain from purchasing items for the purpose of resale at or above the list price. If you are found to be reselling, you will be prohibited from future use.

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