【perori】tanakasaki/聯名(Tiyoko/我家的孩子)/桃子果凍/香蕉牛奶 軟膠

スタイル: 1.牛乳坊や(チヨココラボ)


【Product name】
【perori】tanakasaki/ Collaborative (Chiyoko/ My Child) Peach jelly (Momozerii)/ Banana-Milk Sofubi / Sofvi


【Product Specifications】

Multicolor Soft Vinyl FigureNon-scale

Milk Boy/ Height: approx. 11cm

1. Milk Boy (Chiyoko Collaboration)
2. Milk Boy (My Child Collaboration)
3. Peach jelly (Momozerii)
4. Banana-Milk



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