【Limited】Pullip x Toys King Lollipop HelloKitty Pullip T-BASE Limited Edition Action Figure Doll

Sale price¥24,200


Hello Kitty transforms into a gorgeous POP figure! ? Hello Kitty's color change ver is now available exclusively at T-BASE JAPAN.

The theme this time is "Gorgeous & Candy"! A complete change from the dignified and mature atmosphere of the last time, with a colorful and cute impression. The golden yellow outfit gives a luxurious feeling, and the vivid pink color of the ribbon and shoes are accents that make you think of candy. The dress is colorfully decorated with Hello Kitty's iconic ribbons, and just looking at it will make you feel happy! There is also a large ribbon on the back, and the PU material gives it a special feel.

In addition, the wig has a bold color change! Also pay attention to the unique new hair with pink and yellow mesh.

Kitty must be thrilled with her new appearance! Please welcome the gorgeous POP Hello Kitty.


Let's pop to the happy rhythm... I'm sweet and cute and I'll bring happiness to everyone! ..... That's the feeling.


*This is a reserved product and will be delivered after May 17, 2021.


Release year/month: Mid-May 2021

Price Suggested retail: price/¥24,200 (tax included)

Body size: Height approx 310mm
Material Body: ABS/HIPS/POM/TPR
Clothes: Cotton etc.
Package Specifications: Window BOX
Size: D110×W205×H370(mm)
Material: White coated corrugated paper, 4-color printing
License notation ⓒCheonsang cheonha.All Rights Reserved.
© 2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. L614485

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