【Reservation Ended】 Pullip Minervah P-257

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A bright future for you who have built peace.  
When I flap my wings and the feathers of wisdom scatter,
The sky is filled with happiness...that's the feeling


Known as a bird that brings happiness, Minervah, born from the concept of an owl, is a unique existence.


The jacket is designed in the image of an owl's feathers, and when you open your arms, it creates an impactful silhouette. The glittering bustier combined with the choker and the tulle skirt have the same feathers as the jacket.

The wig is a stylish ash color with a hint of green. Her super long hair, which is much longer than her height, makes her feel divine.


Eye makeup and eyebrows that create a wild image are designed based on the concept of an owl. Pay attention to the line of sight that makes you feel the vitality.


Please welcome the new product Minervah, which is full of commitment.


Material Body/ABS/HIPS/POM/TPR
Clothes/Cotton etc.

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