Pullip/ PEKO Lovely Milky ver. P-307

Sale price¥23,500


With that popular sweets!
[Pullip x Milky] collaboration doll is now available!

Famous for cakes and sweets
With the popular product "Milky" of "Fujiya"
A dream collaboration has come true!

From today, July 2023 new product
"PEKO Lovely Milky ver."

The bright red apron is printed with the popular "Fujiya" character 
"Peko-chan" and 
the yellow Milky flower.
There is also a ribbon on the back
 for a cute design ♪

A bright yellow dress that 
catches the eye when you take off the apron☆
A milky pattern is printed on the skirt, 
making it a perfect item to wear on its own! 
The yoke that can be attached and detached freely 
expands the range of coordination♪

The wig has a bright red ribbon and braids 
to create the atmosphere of a young girl.
Also pay attention to the styling that looks 
like a short bob at first glance!

Make-up is finished naturally, 
and "Milky" flowers are placed on the pupils.
The highlight has a design that matches "Peko-chan" ♪
The "Milky" logo casually on 
the eyelids is also a point!


Release year/month: Mid July 2023

Price Suggested retail price/¥29,150 (tax included)

Body size: Height approx 310mm
Material: Body/ABS,HIPS,POM,TPR,
Clothes/Cotton etc.
Package Specifications: Window BOX
Size: D110×W205×H370(mm)
Material: White coated corrugated paper, 4-color printing
License notation ⓒCheonsang cheonha.All Rights Reserved.
© 2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. L614485

With or without a certificate stamp: AGA with a certificate stamp

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