Pullip Tera Terada [Yelena] P-297

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I want to do something different!
Like a bolt of lightning, full of individuality
I want to live happily and sharply! .....that's how I fee


Pullip produced by illustrator Terada Tera is now available!☆
The first collaboration with Tera Terada, 
a very popular illustrator who creates pop and creative worldviews! 
Based on a design drawn especially for Pulip, 
"Elena" is born with a lot of personality!

The wig consists of four colors: white, black, blue, and red, 
and the large bun is a cute hair style with a charm point☆

The makeup is put together in a vivid pink color 
to create an impactful eye.

The blush and eye designs, which are directly incorporated into 
the illustrations, are also noteworthy!

The clothes are casual style with cyber elements.
Illustrations are thoroughly reproduced 
down to the smallest details!
In addition, the point print used for the clothes 
and the design of the cute dinosaur key chain on the waist 
are all completely original illustrations drawn by Tera Terada☆

It is a specification full of special sensation that can be done because it is a collaboration.

The accessories are also voluminous! 
A hair elastic with a "temple" tag and snap buttons for the bun, 
two types of hairpins for the bangs, and a red PVC bag for the waist. 
The lenses of the sunglasses and the plasters on her knees should be attached 
with stickers that are included separately... ♪

A special collaboration unique to Pullip that you won't find anywhere else!

Target ages 15 and up
Set includes: Doll, hairpin, sunglasses, body bag, shoes, stickers, doll stand, profile card
Product size: Height approx. 31cm
Product material Doll body: ABS/HIPS/TPR/POM
Costume: ABS/TPR/ATPC-PVC/Polyester
Hair: PET/Polyester
Doll stand: Alloy/ABS
Country of Origin: China

©Tera Terada
©Cheonsang cheonha.All Rights Reserved.

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