【Pre-Order】FuRyu Witch's Journey [TENITOL Fig à la mode Elaina]

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★Reservation Product★
*Scheduled to be shipped in May 2024
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【Reservation period】
September 15, 2023 to October 29, 2023

【Product name】
Witch's Journey [TENITOL Fig a la mode Elaina]

Height approx.,: 120mm (including pedestal/non-scale)

【List of set contents】
Figure body
Dedicated pedestal

【Prototye Production】
Prototype production: Fumiyoshi Tokunaga (MIC)
Coloring: PLAMODE (MIC)


【Description of item】
"Fig a la mode" is an exciting version of pudding a la mode, with characters dressed in parlor-style costumes, cream, and a very cute plate-like pedestal. This is a figure series based on the image of
A cute Elaina dressed in a costume based on blue and white.
The figure has been sculpted with care, including her flowing hair and poses unique to this series.
In addition, "wink ver. expression parts" are included.
Please pick it up and enjoy it.

[What is TENITOL]
Furyu's new product sales brand is based on the concept of "something that makes you think of TENITOL-ITAI at the price of TENITOL-ERU."
Utilizing the character and manufacturing know-how that Furyu has cultivated over the years, we maintain our commitment to planning, modeling, and quality.
This is a series that pursues quality to the limit at an affordable price that is easy to pick up.
The logo design uses clay (CLAY), the source of figure prototypes, as a motif, and uses 3D axes (XYZ) to express how two-dimensional illustrations and IP become three-dimensional products, making both fans and us smile. We put the hope that you will be HAPPY.
Not only in Japan but all over the world - to all character fans, light and core alike.

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