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Takara Tomy

【Product Name】
Diaclone DA-106 Waruda Legion <Geist> Action Figure

Package size: W400×H250×D70mm

【List of Set Contents】
Body A (1), Body B (1), Unit A (2), Unit B (2), Unit C (2), Unit D (2), Armed parts A (2), Armed parts B (2), Armed parts C (2), Armed parts D (2), Armed hanger (2), Joint parts A (2), Joint parts B (2), Joint parts C (2), Warudaloid (1), Instruction manual (1), pamphlet (1)

Action Figure

【Description of Item】
The latest machine in the Warda Legion series! A new threat, the mobile giant soldier <Geist> has arrived!
Waruda Legion <Geist> is a mobile giant soldier with tremendous destructive power that is completed by the combination of an accompanying support mecha <Hunger Raider> and a variable mobile limb <Legio Core>.
The core <Regio Core> has added double joints in the arms and abdominal joints that swing back and forth, and is equipped with an indirect movable mechanism that is more expressive than the conventional model.
The final form, consisting of a ferocious head unit with sharp corners and massive and stylish limb units, is the largest volume update in the series.
The included huge weapon is made up of subdivided parts and can be customized to create his sword, axe, spear, etc.
<Protean recombination value>
Based on a block system with 20mm joints, you can enjoy a variety of recombination games within a single product, including not only bizarre creature forms but also heroic humanoid forms.
The core body can be transformed from 2 legs to 1 leg without replacement, and unused units can be hung and stored in the hanger raider. By linking the same items with each other or with various already released badass items, you can expand the recombination play to a wide range of possibilities.



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