[Pre-ordine] NEONMAX Inc. Smoke(Bien)


販売価格$158.90 通常価格$189.02


※Scheduled to ship in August 2024


【Booking Period】

December 3, 2022 - February 17, 2023

【Product Name】



1/6 Statue Figure


Material: Painted PVC & ABS complete figure


Height: Approximately 20cm


Based on a costume by cosplay costume designer azazel1944 (罐儿(Kan)), the illustration [靡煙] (Smoke) by Cheespan has been sculpted into a three-dimensional figure!

The embroidery and lace details of the costume have of course been reproduced, and the detailed decorations such as the pipe and ankles are beautifully done!

And don't miss the gramophone as a theatrical device to enhance the elegance!

Please have a bewitching, elegant and cool domineering sister at your fingertips...

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