[Pre-ordine] MIMEYOI Super Sonico 1♡th Merry Christmas !


販売価格¥18,400 通常価格¥23,650


※Sscheduled to be shipped in December 2023

【Booking Period】
December 23, 2022 - February 19, 2023

【Product Name】

MIMEYOI Super Sonico 1♡th Merry Christmas!



1/7 scale poseable figure


Painted PVC & ABS figure with acrylic stand


Height: Approximately 25cm (Including base, to the top of the head including hat)


I love Sonico, I even buy her CDs and listen to her.

I was so excited when I heard we were going to make figures at Mimeyoi!

But it took us a long time to announce it...

But!!! Finally, finally! Reservations are now open!!

Based on the illustrations drawn as part of the 10th anniversary project, the latest version of Christmas Sonico-chan has been adjusted under the thorough supervision of Tsuji-sensei!

The cape and hat can be removed to reveal more of the figure.

The base will again (as usual) come with an acrylic plate.

I hope you enjoy having Sonico at your fingertips, all wrapped up in ribbons and turned into a cute little present! This was Mimeyoi PR!

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