[Pre-ordine] miHoYo ARCTECH serie mobile Houkai (Crollo) 3° Kiana versione TenkyuYukyo


販売価格¥15,500 通常価格¥19,800


※Scheduled to be shipped in June 2023

【Booking Period】
December 16, 2022 - February 14, 2023

【Product Name】
ARCTECH Movable Series Collapse (Houkai) 3rd Kiana: Tenkyu Yuukyou Ver.



1/8 scale articulated figure




Height: Approximately 20cm


"I will change this less-than-perfect world...I will change it!"

From the full-fledged action game for smartphones and tablets, "Collapse 3rd", Kiana - Tenkyu Yuukyou is now available as an ARCTECH Movable Series!

As a 1/8th scale movable figure, the entire body has twenty-three movable joints, ensuring a wide range of motion without compromising proportions.

The "Sky Reaper" and "Subspace Spear", exclusive weapons, are included as armaments, and the characteristic motions in the work can be reproduced.

Also, a variety of interchangeable facial expressions and props are available for even more ways to play with the figure!

In addition, as a limited first edition bonus, a replaceable facial expression part for the "Ruler of the Sky" is included! Please take this opportunity to enjoy this item at your fingertips!


【List of set contents】

Figure Body

Sky Reaper x 1 set

Subspace Spearhead x 1

Replacement facial expression parts x3

Replacement wrist parts x 8

Kiana's present x1

Wings of Watashiyo ×1

Spear of God Killer x1

Support pole x 1 set

Dedicated display stand x 1 set

※Limited first edition "Ruler of the Sky" expression parts x 1 (※to be included in the product PKG)

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