[Pre-ordine] Bunny Girl Nono, Illustrato da Yatsumi Suzuame, Figura dipinta in scala 1/6, versione lussuosa


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★Pre-Order Products★
※Sscheduled to be shipped in November 2023

【Booking Period】
February 17, 2023 - March 4, 2023

【Product Name】

Bunny Girl Nono Illustrated by Yatsumi Suzuame 1/6 Scale Painted PVC Figure / Luxury Edition

Height: Approximately 19cm (including pedestal)

【Set Contents List】
Figure itself
Original postcard
Original tapestry


Under the XCX project, based on an original illustration by Yatsumi Suzume, we are proud to present a 1/6th scale painted figure of the devilish bunny girl "Nono"!

The luxury edition will include an original postcard and an original tapestry.

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